Women smiling with text reading 'be a part of better'

With just over 5000 employees ˶ is one of the largest employers in the county.

We value all of our employees, and we want to ensure that we can support you in doing your job well. It is through the skills of our employees that we can become a more effective and efficient council which meets the needs of our customers.

But what do these people do? The answer to that question is a lot more than you might think.

There are many misconceptions around what we do. For example we don't empty your bins but we are responsible for disposing of waste once it has been collected by your district council.

Did you know that we have a legal team full of lawyers and professionals that work for us and other businesses across the county? Or that the county's Trading Standards team are council employees and help protect consumers across the county on a daily basis?

We're a very diverse organisation working hard for our residents across the county.

To keep all this work in order the council is structured into six different director areas.

At ˶ our vision is 'Working for a Better Future'. We are determined that in the coming year people and communities in our area will have:

  • high aspirations
  • the opportunity to enjoy life to the full
  • thriving environments
  • good-value council services

For more information on our vision please have a look at our corporate plan.