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Parti? Phantom? Tuxedo? Just a few terms you may hear when you are searching for your next poodle. The search for your poodle can be confusing especially when breeders use terms you may not understand. I'm going to try and help make your searching experience simpler by giving you some key term words and definitions. I will go over some poodle colors, sizes, and markings. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Some of the pictures are being borrowed from google. We gathered a lot of our information from stunninglyss.com.


Black- Black poodles are born inky black and have black points this is referring to their nose, lip, and eyelids. When clipped down there should be no color variance in the poodles coat. There skin pigment is also black or blue. Many times poodle start out black and fade into a blue.



Blue- Blue Poodles are born black but over time faded into blue . They are too light to be black and too dark to be silver. 


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Silver- Silver poodles are born Black by six weeks if clipped down you can see their silver roots. They slowly fade into silver over the next few years.


 White- A white poodle is born white,  they should have black points (lips, nose, eyelids),  and  black skin pigment. 


Cream- Cream poodles are an off white color they should also have black points.



Apricot - Apricot poodles are slightly darker than a cream poodle with a red tint. It is ideal for apricot poodles to have black points. It can be challenging to differentiate apricot and cream poodles. 


Red- Red poodles can come in different shades of red based on their genetics. It is ideal for reds to have black points, because red poodles come in different shades it can be hard to tell the difference between red and apricot poodles.



Cafe- Au-Lait - They look like a mix between apricot, cream, and brown with  liver colored points. Cafe-Au-Lait are born the color they will be. 



Silver Beige- Silver beige poodle start out looking Brown and fade into a silver beige. Silver beige poodle can have liver or black points. It can be very challenging to differentiate cafe- Au- Lait and silver beige. 

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Brown- Brown poodles can come in different shades of brown. Brown poodle should have brown points they should not fade but can get sun bleached hair.


Brindle- Brindle is a natural occurring poodle color. Brindle can occur in any color, it looks like tiger stripes. It is a rare color it takes two recessive genes.


Heading 2


Sable- Sable poodles look like a burnt toast they are most commonly brown with black tipping.




Parti- Parti poodle have a white base with large irregular patches of another color.Parti Poodles can come in any color or pattern.


Ticking- Ticking is small penny to quarter size spots located on the white part of a parti poodle. 


Phantom- Phantom is  a particular pattern with specific colored points. The points are on the side of the dog's muzzle, chin, throat, chest, eyebrows, legs, paws, and under the tail.



Tuxedo- Tuxedo is also a specific parti poodle marking. It is white from the throat all the way down the neck on the chest abdomen and up the underside of the tail. Tuxedo poodles can come an any color.


Abstract- Abstract is when there's not enough white to be considered a parti but too much white to be a solid. There's random spots of white usually on the chest or paws.



Solid- Solid poodles are the same color from head to tail.