“Paisley” is our beautiful UKC standard poodle.  She is kind, smart and loves attention.

  • UKC Registered

  • Height- 21 inches

  • Weight- 45lbs

  • Pre Pen Hip- Fair

  • DNA Test- Clear

“Lexi” is our beautiful brown AKC Standard Poodle. She has a wonderful laid back personality and is extremely confident. (Brienwoods many faces aka Arya)
  • AKC Registered

  • Weight- 55lbs

  • Height- 24"

  • DNA Test- clear

“Preston” is our smart, active, friendly stud. He has a gentle disposition. I cannot say enough good things about this boy, he has been a joy, and we are glad we added him to our program. (Pressed for Time)
  • AKC Registered

  • UKC Registered

  • Pin Hip- Excellent

  • DNA Test- Clear

  • Height 25"

“Gavin”  is a laid-back calm boy. He's a gentle giant and absolutely stunning. He loves being outside and sleeping under trees.  
  (Priceless' Back to Basics)
  • AKC Registered

  • Weight- 63 lbs

  • Height- coming soon

  • DNA Test-  Pending 

  • OFA- Pending

“Grace” has a wonderful outgoing personality. She loves to play and she can always find a way to be entertained. Grace is our outgoing playful little girl.
  (Brienwoods High Society AKA Grace)
  • AKC Registered

  • Weight- 50 lbs

  • Height- 24"

  • DNA Test-  clear

  • PennHip- Pending 

NCR Standard Poodle Guardian Home Program

We developed a Guardian Home Program, this program allows NCR Poodle breeding dogs to be fostered by loving forever homes while still maintain statues as a breeding dog. The guardian seeks to provide a puppy with a loving, individualized, forever home. Contact us if you are interested in joining our crazy poodle family.

“Hadarah” is a happy standard poodle female puppy who loves her toys. She live with Patti Page on a mini farm with other animals. she is still learning how to live in harmony with her farm family. She will play with whomever will play back with her. This includes her recently found new friend a weaner pig, They love chaseing each other back and forth. Hadarah has learned how to ring a set of bells on the door to go outside and play, This girl is a bright, but silly young girl. 
  (Criggles Baily's Beads)
  • AKC Registered

  • OFA Hip- Pending

  • DNA Test- Clear

“Audrey” is our beautiful brown abstract AKC Standard Poodle. she is spunky and awaiting to go to her new home. (Hot off the Press)
  • AKC Registered

  • OFA Hip- Pending

  • DNA Test- Pending

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