If you would like to be put on our waitlist for upcoming litters please answer the questions bellow. 

This document has been created to help ensure the best homes for our puppies

  • Have you ever owned a poodle (Explain)? YES    NO

  • Are you aware they require professional grooming every six to eight week and regular dental care (Explain)? YES        NO

  • Do you have a fenced yard and agree you will never leave your poodle chained (Explain)? YES         NO

  • Do you have a preference on sex or color please list bellow

  • How do you plan to use your poodle

  • Please describe your family (Ex: an active family with three children or retired couple)

  • Have you ever surrendered a pet if so please Explain?

  • Where are you located?  If you cannot pick up the puppy in person you are responsible for all travel cost pertaining to receiving the puppy (Plane ticket, Crate, Health Certificate)